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>> from stink bugs to bed bugs, we are being bugged out by the invasion. >> hundreds turn up to pay their respects to a collapsing
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freshman. >> a local couple wants you to hear how texting and driving can devastate your life. >> good morning, first day of -- of fall. >> hard to believe. >> we are warming up with a comfortable morning. you might think that the moon itself is providing us heat. that's not the case. but, and a big but, and it is looming in the room like the unspoken pink elephant, we have a warming trend that is going to be occurring today, tomorrow, and friday. the temperatures will be hanging on. right now, we are hanging on with maryland's most popular radar.
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we are doing some lighting across the early morning sky. we should reach the guaranteed high of 87. there may be a small shower or thunderstorm later on this afternoon and evening. >> we have some police activity on the inner loop of the beltway this morning along edmonton avenue. and i-79 southbound to the route 2 exit no problems there. no issues in baltimore county or howard county and even prince george's prince george's county. >> how many time have you come up on the car, it's swerving, it's changing lane, and you pull up to look, and it's the darn cell phone.
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>> distracted driving is considered as dangerous as drunk driverring, and the government -- driving, and the government wants to do something even stronger about it. russell and kimberly herr lost their daughter last year and she was on her way to her wedding planner's place of business when she was killed. >> we couldn't believe that our daughter was taken by us from someone who was texting. >> we are living proof that in three or four seconds your entire life can change, and semily we will -- certainly, we will never be the same again. >> starting in october, --
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driver will not be -- drivers will not be allowed to use their hand held cell phone. >> hearing the words bed bugs, it makes you itch. i hope you are waking up without bed bugs. however, they are really a problem in your state. they have been found in the library, and all libraries throughout the county has been fumigated. >> we immediately bagged up all of the materials that were in any proximity of the book, and we bagged them up and removed them from the building. >> bed bugs are showing up more and more in baltimore
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county. >> it's 535. new this morning, the head of the nation's largest church is being accused of sexual misconduct. two men are accusing the bishop eddie law about -- for sexual misconduct. >> the lawyer denies the allegations against the client. this is a burban in atlanta church. >> a long time social study's teacher who was charged with sexual abuse of a minor was
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found guilty. he will spend some time in jail. petterson taught the boy in middle school, invited him in to his home, and he touched him inappropriately. >> there is a new tool on the website to help people find jobs. governor o'malley has encouraged those to post their jobs on the maryland website. >> if you would like to see your resumes on the air, you can e-mail us, and we will call you to come in, give the 20 second pitch, and we will
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put you on the air and on our website. >> he was monkeying around, but not everybody is laughing. >> one man's practical joke could land him in prison. >> if you are wondering how the trains and buses are moving along, let's go to m mark -- jones. >> 870 is running with a 10 minute delay. the 24 and 64 is about 10 minutes late. the 10 and 30 buses are still diverted due to construction.
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>> video of the day. this is is a dog in texas. unforgottable. he is getting international
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attention. he holds the begin guiness world record for the world's longest tongue. his name is puggy. >> >> we have a good looking start to what is going to be another nice warm day across the area. we have the harvest moon that is extended daylight for those gathering the crops out of the field. and we have mild temperatures even though awe thumb is going to be -- autumn is going to begin in a few hours. we have 68 degrees, a virtual
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clear sky to the northwest and in to the mountains. we are expected to have a partly cloudy finish. we have the gawshted forecast high of 87. and we have showers and thunderstorms erupting from the mountains and may spread across the baltimore area. >> we are not having any problems now around 695. but outside of the beltway, we have a crash reported -- well, let's look at the driver times first. 795, no problems there. no delays from the southbound marsh area, there is a crash past woodbine road and also in
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harvard county. >> good morning, we have some creepy crawly critters are showing up in the frederick county library, find out what baltimore city and the library officials are doing to protect you. >>
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>> recently the blood sucking insects known as bed bugs showed up in baltimore city's library. >> good morning, the baltimore city health department will be providing a series of meetings on the treating of the bed bugs. they have fowbd more and more -- found more and more homes in baltimore city. in frederick county, all communications of libraries were fumigated. nike near 5th avenue closed down due to the insects. >> we have found that bed bugs
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are hitching rides back and forth, in to offices, in to stores, and as to the situation in frederick's county, they will be treating all 8 counties, the book mobiles, and delivery van. also, the individual who carried the bugs in to the library has been notified. >> it's 5:47 a harvard county student killed while crossing the road is going to be laid to rest. joey entremont was kill while crossing the road and students and family members will be
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laying him to rest this afternoon. >> 30 year old natasha pedig pedigrue's vehicle carry -- >> a federal judge sentenced eureka shipping from concealing solutions from a ship here in baltimore. the crew members will get $125,000 each for notifying the officials about this case. and this includes 150,000s for the rest -- $150,000 for the
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restoration candidates. >> an auction that is a business decision. it includes the 5900 square foot building, two liquor licenses. the bar and the restaurant opened up in 1997. >> now, the forecast certified most accurate by weather rate and maryland's most powerful doppler radar. >> there is still the benefit of a full moon if you have the chance to get out there early. it's not doing much for the temperatures. it's the air mass building. we are mild this morning. we are looking at 58 in woodbine, and that is the coolest temperature that we can find.
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you will notice a cold front that is providing storms across the midwest that is try to work in our direction today. we pumped up some heat from the south, and it turned up to be 98 degrees in tennessee, 92 in charlotte, and that is the warm air mass that is try to ooze in our direction. we hit 77, which is normal. but we will be above normal with the shift of the winds and the warm coming through. by 7:00, we could get some showers. more isolated showers in to the mountains tomorrow afternoon. and we are going to see a gradual improvement over the weekend. 87 this afternoon. we fall back to 66 degrees
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overnight, clear skies, and as we are heading through tomorrow and friday, we are approaching 90 on both days. saturday, sunday, monday, and tuesday, we could see high in the 80s again. >> an earlier crash 99 southbound past 32, the lanes are now open, but watch the vehicle on the shoulder. checking the cameras right now and looking at the beltway, traffic is light. no issues everything appears to be moving at speed. stay with us, we have more of your news, weather and traffic
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when good morning maryland comes back after this. >> tax on ez
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that's in andy harris' unfair tax plan. 23% sales tax. a 23% sales tax will cut my business in half. would be devastating. andy harris' 23% sales tax absolutely makes no sense. 23% sales tax would really make things unaffordable. that's too high for the average american out here. i don't know how we would manage it really. don't like that idea. we can't afford andy harris' idea. i'm frank kratovil and i approve this message.
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>> leader harry leads say the plan will be turning up for politics. >> the suspect starting getting mad hitting the clerk in the head as he is desperately trying to get the register opened. no one was hurt, but one quit
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his job, because he was so shaken up. >> we have a ohio man that could end up in prison. germ ierjeremy lucas put on a monkey suit, and he went through barriers at a construction site. >> i thought he thought it was a practical joke thinking it would be funny. >> lucas said he was taking the act by the inspired movie jack --
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>> big tournament in 2014, getting ready for that. we will have more. >>
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>> so gross, making your skin crawl, and they are everywhere. you can call them now, book bugs after they have come in to a local library. >> put down the phone, stop talking and texting, a local couple take their fight to washington. >> good morning. welcome to the first day of fall, summer is gone. >> it's going to

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